The Disney Dream

20 March 2012

Whether you are a toddler of 5 or a 50 year-old pensioner, Disney is always something anyone of any age can watch, and more importantly, enjoy. My mum, dad, brother and I normally can all watch a good Disney film all together, one of the rare times we do not fight over someone's choice in film. It also seems to have turned into something of a tradition. You do not have to believe in the fairytales, I certainly don't, this is not the purpose of Disney, they are simply fantastically made films meant to bring you happiness.

In a World full of war, angst and financial uncertainty, it is a subtle release that everyone needs once in a while. I use Disney at 9pm almost once a week to de-stress from my university work, and it works. For those 100 minutes I am completely unaware of the dissertation I need to get on with writing or the portfolio I am supposed to be designing. My mum uses it to get some down time from her stressful life, her favourite is Pocahontas, but enough of that.

"I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter." - Walt Disney

People seem to be rushing through life, stressing for the sake of stressing. If they stopped for those few musical, joyful, undisputed 100 minutes (I mean, that's no time at all is it really?) then maybe they would see what Disney is trying to say. Optimism. It is key to having a successful lifestyle, career, anything and this is the message that is being portrayed in these films. I don't want to go all 'life's a bed of roses' anyone who knows me know I do not work on the 'glass is half full' logic.

But there is certainly some good things in life. Disney said that after The Lion King was first released (none of this 3D rubbish) they were inundated with letters from mothers who had young sons coping with the loss of their father. These women wrote that they were given a little bit of hope from Disney for their sons. If some of you haven't seen The Lion King then the basic storyline is of a young lion prince who loses his father at the hands of his evil uncle Scar, at the beginning of the film. We follow his journey that is sometimes dark, but of course there is a happily ever after for the future king.

Disney is not just creating films for money, of course they're not doing it for free, but they are also sending a message to people all around the world in the form of light hearted, musical animation. I am always in a better mood once I have nodded along to the songs and tried guessing who does the voices. I know, I am a geek.


  1. I'm 21 and I'm actually sat here now watching The Disney Channel - no I'm not with my child or sibling I'm just watching it on my own.

  2. haha, I'm 21 too but for Easter my mum got me Mulan and Lilo & Stitch on DVD!


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