Fashion Wish List - Drab July

10 July 2012

Normally when I do a wish list for summer it is filled with pretty summer dresses and floral prints, but due to the wet weather (I don't think I've actually seen the sun at all in the last month) this particular wish list has taken a more subdued fashion styling. Although I have purchased an array of pastel jeans (purple, green, pink, you name 'em I've got 'em) I feel a little silly wandering around my home town in such glaring and optimistic clothing.

Saying this, I could not resist the pink pastel beauties shown in the picture from ASOS, teamed with heels or ballet pumps and vest it's a look anyone can pull off. And who cares if you get stared at? We all need a bit of summer optimism right now.

I am a huge lover of jewellery, even though I do not wear it all the time, it is something that I have hanging around for the 'girls night out' or if I just feel like brightening up an outfit. And team a lovely pendant with an animal dangling on the bottom then you are on to a winner in my books, this fish pendant from Topshop is currently in the sale (you can't beat a Topshop sale) and would be a cool accessory on anyone's jewellery stand.

Another love of mine is accessories in my hair, I change my hair A LOT. I've been mouse brown, blonde, jet black, red, light bulb blonde and brunette (which is my current hair colour), and headbands are something that I absolutely love as they easily make your drab run down hair feel lively again. The headband reminds me of a 1950s housewife doing her daily chores or a 1960s free spirited teenager with golden locks flowing behind her as she runs through a field.

I didn't live through either of these era's, can you tell?

Then there's the skater dress, something that I didn't take to straight away but I know see it as a staple in any girls wardrobe. Something you can team with heels and have a causally elegant night out outfit or with leggings and wellies for your festival outfit.

Which bring me on to my last two less optimistic buys, a pair of the most sought after wellies around especially during festival season and a gorgeous knitted jumper from Topshop that I am sure is going to be selling out pretty soon (I tried to get it in my size today with no luck). I have always wanted a pair of Hunter wellies, but at £80 a pair it's not something I can yet justify getting my money's worth from.

Then again, have you seen the weather forecast?

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