King Charles

9 July 2012

King Charles seems to have been on the music scene for quite some time, and with good reason. His eclectic and somewhat strange musical manner is what makes him far more unique than other 'musicians' we are hearing nowadays.

Whilst many 'heart throbs' out there are wearing chinos and sporting the likeable polo shirt, King Charles is not one for conforming to this modern music fashion show. Normally wearing a pirate-esque blouse with velvet jackets (of which he seems to have a whole array) and tight jeans he would not normally be someone I would find myself listening to.

The dreadlocked lothario's new album, Loveblood was released in early May, and yet it still seems to be on constant play from my iTunes. His wit and charm is able to come across in his music from unseemly high notes to his ludicrous lyrics. A key example would be lines from Polar Bear, a later track on his album, "she's got the hot blood of polar bear, smooth hands of a crocodile." 

Bit different, huh?

I first witnessed King Charles' folksy sound, energetic and disorientating personality when he was touring the UK earlier this year. He created a furore of excitement as he casually walked around the small music venue in Southampton wearing a dashing pink jumper. And when it came to his performance he did not disappoint, this time donning zebra print leggings and yet again another pirate blouse with his dreadlocks carelessly tied back.

His songs were played to make you dance and sing along, you really have no choice, even my friend who rarely goes crazy at gigs was getting into the King Charles spirit. His songs such as Lovelust, Mississippi Isabel and Lady Percy had everyone screaming for more, accompanied by his misfit band he is definitely a favourite of mine now.

He's already toured with Mumford & Sons and is making a name for himself on the festival scene here in the UK and Europe, if you get the chance give him a listen.

My personal favourite: Lady Percy

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