Festivals Vs Gigs

10 August 2012

I love music (as you may have already guessed if you've read any of my past posts) in particular indie/ alternative music and most fortunately for me Hampshire was a place that a lot of indie bands wanted to add to their tours. I had gone to see numerous gigs whilst in my last year of university including the likes of The Vaccines, Noah & the Whale, King Charles, Florence and the Machine, The Maccabees and more and enjoyed some more than others, the intimate gigs are (for me) the best.

This year I was unable to travel to a festival and I don't think I really wanted to. Glastonbury took a year off, Isle of Wight had an abysmal line up (minus Springsteen) and all the others were either too far or waterlogged. Of course, if Glastonbury had been on then I would have been there in an instant no matter what the line-up, but most festivals now seem to have gone downhill so it begs the question, festivals or gigs?

Now, some people would say both (me included) but we aren't all made of money, my friend and me worked out how much we had spent on going to gigs this year alone and we quickly shook the amount out of our heads. We didn't realise just how much we had paid out to see these bands, we had spent well into the hundreds but then we thought it through we had seen one/ two acts a month over the whole year and have great memories at every single one.
We could have spent £200 on an Isle of Wight ticket then would have had to fork out for transport, food, alcohol (duh), tent etc etc to then only be disappointed with the typically British weather conditions and poor line up. That said, there is something about a festival that makes you WANT to go, hundreds of different acts all in one place, the different people you meet, the chance of spotting a celeb and the God awful pictures you take (especially on the Sunday).

For me, I think I will always love travelling to gigs and seeing individual acts put their own unique stamp on a show, drink a little, dance a lot and then go home to my nice warm bed. But when it comes to festivals, there is nothing quite like it, Britain leads the way in great atmospheres and people are always happier (the drink helps) and friendly to you. They are also gathered there with one sole purpose, to enjoy the music.

Reading festival is fast approaching, me and my friend have opted to work it (couldn't afford a ticket) so we are ready for whatever the weather and meeting all the crazies that only exist at a festival.

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