Graduation Gifts

29 November 2012

This month I made the treacherous (monumental flooding tried to prevent me getting there) journey from my little village in Somerset to Southampton where I finally donned a cloak and hat (not the technical names) and graduated with my close friends.

The night before my mum, dad and brother all gathered around and said they had a little something for me to show how proud they were, low and behold out pops a huge box with two amazing treats. I am a big fan of festivals and have wanted Hunter wellies for quite some time now, the hip flask was something that I asked for on a whim.

But ask and the fam doth give!

I am currently looking for a job maybe in Bristol or Bath so my family, particularly my mum have been supporting me emotionally and financially and offering a roof over my head, yet again. I can't wait to have a job that I love and earn enough money that I am able to give something back to them...emotionally and financially.

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