Fashion: Spring/ Summer 2013

17 December 2012

Spring/ Summer fashion can sometimes fall a little short. Winter always tends to come up victorious in the style stakes, but this year I struggled to find anything different from previous years. Oh look, there's another woolly jumper! This Spring/ Summer, however appears to be one of the most exciting yet if the catwalks are anything to go by, I've compiled a little list of some of my favourites.

1. Flashback to the 80s

I'm sure you can already guess who designed this outfit, Jean Paul Gaultier went back to that decade where Madonna was the Queen of Pop and you could never had enough jewellery on. Think power shoulders and that greasy slicked back hair and you're onto a winner, if you are on the shy stakes and don't want to go all out with this look just add a little bit of piping here and there and you'll still hit the trend on the head.

2. Go Graphic

It was everywhere this fashion season and with good reason, the right kind of graphic in the right body type can make a world of difference, pick your right stripe and you're golden. Black and white is always a classic look and most of the designers have just revitalised it and brought it from the MOD sixties era to the modern day. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton all showcased this look on the catwalk, keep it linear and simple.

3. Embellish Me

Be ready to get your shine on this Summer season with small embellishments added here and there, Alberta Ferreti and Viktor & Rolf all showcased this trend on the catwalk and most were left stunned when they saw just how small and intricate the sequins were. V&R were inspired by mirrors, embellishment is normally seen as the party-season staple but that doesn't mean it can't be carried on to another season, just tone it down a tad.

4. Neon Supreme

Pastel was a hit on the runway but so was neon brights, and when I say bright I really mean it, think hot pink, orange and striking blue. I'm not such a fan of the orange but the pink and blues were divine. Matthew Williamson and Proenza Schouler were amongst the designers who showed of their bright side in London and New York. It was the hot trend all over the fashion world and it is one of my favourites, you may think it would be hard to pull off but just team it with crisp white and it's one of the most easy trends to follow.

5. Simply White

A lot of the trends were very extreme and wanted to grab everyone's attention, but there is a much simpler and understated way to be noticed this Summer. It was Jil Sander and of course the Queen of clean cut, Celine who triumphed with this minimalist trend. There is always room for neon accessories or a dash of black but white has to be one of my favourite trends, it comes back every season and never fails to look fresh and new.

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