11 December 2012

I went to Southampton as the weekend to visit one of my close friends, it was her boyfriends birthday and she needed another girl there for a little company. It was a small(ish) group of people, I think there was about eight of us in the end and me and Larissa were the only two girls. 

Turns out all the guys were lovely, some we already knew, so we set out to see what the night held for us. No sooner had we stepped outside their flat were we both accosted by two guys whose chosen chat up line was simply "Damn, you two girls are too hot to be cold!" 

Originality at its best.

We shrugged it off, we had both lived in Southampton for three years or more so we were aware of the locals and what they were like. But when we got to a busier part of the little city, Bedford Place, we were once again chosen by a group of guys who just simply stared at us and licked their lips, this time we thought we should get some back-up so made some of the guys out with us come and walk with us to the club.

Some people tend to say that the girls bring it on their selves by dressing too provocatively or whatever, but my friend was in a long sleeve skater dress and I was covered up by my jacket (I feel the cold easily), so how are we bringing it on ourselves?

Another time we were spoken to like that was when we decided to go to the midnight viewing of The Hangover 2. As we settled into our seats one of the boys (I say boys as they were only just 18 at least) next to us whispered, "Hey, you can sit on my face," I was in the cinema, it was dark how on earth is that provocative in any way?

I think they way men choose to talk to women now is vulgar and expectant, you would not have found such language back when our parents were younger. Where's the respect and quality? 
It seems we, as a society, are going a little backwards.

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