Sports Personality of the Year 2012

17 December 2012

Bradley Wiggins, the deserved winner

Last night I found myself plonked on the sofa between my dad and brother, both of whom are avid sports watchers, about to watch Sports Personality of the Year (something I never thought I'd watch) and feeling almost excited. It has been a great year of sport for us Brits, there really is no denying it, the Olympics being held here certainly helped to put us on the map as serious sports stars. 

Poster girl, Jessica Ennis worked her fantastic tooshe off to achieve greatness in the two day heptathlon event under the beady eyes of an entire nation and our Paralympic team reined supreme with over 100 medals won in those few short weeks.

The night gave us many sports stars all worthy of the title, the top three (no Mo Farah?) could have all taken the title. Andy Murray was given his third place trophy to him in Miami by Lennox Lewis and the aforementioned Jessica Ennis was picked to the 'almost not quite' first runner up. But it was time to announce the winner and was it really a shock?

He took the Tour de France crown with a CLEAN bike ride and came back to win Gold at the London Olympics. Not only that but in a sea of 1980's style prom dresses and clunky gladiator heels at the awards he also stood out in the fashion stakes. His typical MOD look made him my fashionista of the night, double breasted velvet jacket and friends with the Gallaghers? 

What more do you want from a winner?

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