Winter Jackets

4 December 2012

For some reason this winter I have been having trouble finding that perfect coat, it could be because there is not that one statement coat out there, or it could be me just being fussy. After much deliberation, girl problems hey?, I finally found one that I love. It seems to be the jacket that has overtaken the coat in the style stakes this year, the khaki and leather sleeved jacket is everywhere right now with Red Herring, Topshop, TKMaxx, even ASDA and Primark having their own version. 
But it was New Look where I decided to get mine, at £45.99 it was in the medium price range but the thing I liked about it more than the others was that it didn't have the annoying drawstrings that a lot of them had. It's warm, stylish and comfortable, I even get kinda sad when I have to take it off inside. How sad.

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  1. Well, what can i say about your problem but recently i bought the dockers coat from an emporium and that was really comfortable to wear :)
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