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7 January 2013

Boy Style

Me and brother get bored quite easily and there really isn't all that much to do in little old Stoke St Gregory so we decided to brave the flooding and pot holes and head to our small shopping town of taunton for a bit of retail therapy. Needless to say it was Topshop and Topman where we ended up. Me, the poor unemployed graduate that I am handing in my CV and my brother heading up the stairs to spend his christmas dollar that has been burning a hole in his wallet ever since he got it.

I must say it again, I really wasn't impressed with the Topshop sale. There didn't seem to be all that much variety and the sizing was too big, Topman however was still going strong even two weeks after the boxing day sale started. We managed to find him a few key pieces that he can show off for his first day back at college tomorrow, "new year new me" as he so cheesily puts it.

The only thing that wasn't in the sale was the top, but as it's a new spring/ summer print (seriously, you're going to see bright, bold prints everywhere) we'll let that one slide. He got this preppy rucksack for just £7, meant to be £38, it's not often this high end high street chain has a bargain like that so we were both pretty astonished and excited, yes myself included.

Ever a fan of the chino, both me and my brother, we were met by a whole array of colours but after my suggestion of a bright green pair went down like a lead balloon he settled on a pair of blue ones. The shoes were only £25 and will look great in the summer and then carry him through to those cold winter months. All in all, we were very impressed with Topman. 

Guys, look out for the preppy look this spring/ summer it's going to be everywhere, Topman have got the ball rolling.

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