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4 January 2013

Spring up your Style

As we all try to get over our awful, woeful winter having eaten and drunk just a tad too much it's time to look ahead at what we will be wearing in spring/ summer 2013. A previous blog post of mine has shown that the main trends are going to be pastels, black and white and 1980s, amongst others but what about us festival goers?

 Today I decided to head into my small shopping centre not really looking for anything in particular (I wasn't holding my breath to find anything exciting as the sales were so bad) and I was pleasantly surprised. Not with the big named high end brands such as Topshop and River Island but it was Primark that held the goodies. 

I have been looking for some short shorts for a while now and nothing had really caught my eye, I was almost at the point of cutting off some old jeans, and it's hard to find some the right length with a lot of pairs out there not leaving a whole lot to the imagination. These beauts are from good old Primark and are just £12, they cover your bum (and other parts) and are a good colour, not too dark and not too light.

This pink speckled top is also from Primark for £6, I've seen a lot of these tops around in a whole array of colours, but this one stands out not only because of the cheaper price tag but also as it is a longer length and for someone with a shorter top half it is ideal. They come in grey, pink and black.

A high end high street chain I was pleased with was Accessorize, they always know how to put on a good sale. These three pendants cost me just over £11 altogether, that wouldn't even pay for one normally. For anyone going to any of the top festivals this year a pendant can go a long way for giving your outfit that extra something. (It also helps distract people from your greasy hair).

What comfy, cool outfit would be complete without some converse? I got these for Christmas (prices start at around £30) and all I want to do is trudge them through the Somerset mud to give them that dirty loved look. They are honestly the comfiest pair of shoes I own (I already had a blue pair) and, if you're lucky enough to get some sunshine at a British festival this year then these should be your first choice.

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