Music: Ayre Point

16 April 2013

Ayre Point

As my brother and I were leaving a King Charles gig last saturday night at The Fleece in Bristol we walked into a group of guys out flyering - a band doing some "old school" promotion. Thinking nothing of it until we got home, I decided to look them up and was surprised at how much I liked their sound after just one listen. Reminding me of a softer Biffy Clyro with the melancholy of Mumford and Sons and wistfulness of Fleet Foxes Ayre Point will not be unheard of for long.

Daniel Morgan,Richard Wilks, Ian Pring, Billy Smith and Tom McAndrew all bring this indie/ pop band together with excellent harmonies and well written lyrics. Definitely my ones to watch in the very very near future, you'll be raving to them at a festival soon.

The EP "Finding Footprints" is out now.

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