Music: Frank Turner "Tape Deck Heart"

22 April 2013

Frank Turner "Tape Deck Heart"

Track list 
1. Recovery
2. Losing Days
3. The Way I Tend To Be
4. Plain Sailing Weather
5. Good & Gone
6. Tell Tale Signs
7. Four Simple Words
8. Polaroid Picture
9. The Fisher King Blues
10. Anymore
11. Oh Brother
12. Broken Piano
13. We Shall Not Overcome
14. Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons?
15. Tattoos
16. Undeveloped Film
17. Time Machine
18. Cowboy Chords
19. Oh Brother (Live)
20. Plain Sailing Weather (Live)

Born in Bahrain but educated at Eton College alongside Prince William Frank Turner started out his known music career in punk rock band Million Dead. After four years the band decided to call it quits in 2005, this is when Turner was able to explore his folkier sound. 

Four albums later he's back with "Tape Deck Heart" - a more 'fuck you romance' approach is evident and the whole record sounds like a diary and has a personal commitment unlike his earlier sound. As you roll from track to track you fell like you're trapped in this tornado of ups and downs in his love life - but not in a bad way.

The evident theme of love and losing it doesn't mean the album is a dreary sob fest, quite the opposite actually - it still holds the typical Turner complex lyrics and fast paced singing that his fans all love him for. 

The first single 'Recovery' is all about that post break-up feeling, finding yourself in these weird situations and not knowing how you got there, you start to drift."You know your life his heading in a questionable direction when you're up for days with strangers and you can't remember anything.."

'The Way I Tend To Be' is the surprise of the album, personal lyrics and not a single shout from Turner, a slower pace and reminiscent feel it grabs your attention in a different way than anything else on this album. It may be a little uncomfortable to hear but the music is so good you don't care.

It isn't until near the end of "Tape Deck Heart" that we hear about a different love story - Frank and England. 'Broken Piano' is Turner speaking about his previous love and takes us on a journey of what he used to do when he was there. "On the banks of the muddy Thames/ I have wandered through this city/ from Highgate Hill down to the river/ I sat down in my sadness."

This is Turner's fifth studio album and there's no doubt that it is the most intense and beautiful yet. His personal memories and love-lost anecdotes cause you to stop and listen, really listen to the words - as long as you can keep up with them.

Tape Deck Heart is out NOW!

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