Music: She & Him "Volume 3"

29 April 2013

She & Him "Volume 3"

Track List
1. I've Got Your Number, Son
2. Never Wanted Your Love
3. Baby
4. I Could've Been Your Girl
5. Turn to White
6. Somebody Sweet To Talk To
7. Something's Haunting You
8. Together
9. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
10. Snow Queen
11. Sunday Girl
12. London
13. Shadow Of Love
14. Reprise (I Could've Been Your Girl)

Zooey Deschanel - that kooky 'oh so girly' girl from US television show New Girl - was on the set of her film The Go-Getter (2007) when she was first introduced to her now music collaborator Matt Ward. Director Martin Hynes thought they would be perfect together and asked them to sing a duet together for the end credits of the film.

The two clicked, Deschanel even decided to share some of the songs she had written but never had the time or confidence to take further with Ward and the rest is history. "Volume Two", "Volume Three" and "A Very She & Him Christmas" have all been successful for the duo - especially Volume Two which hit the US charts at number six and got the number one spot on the US indie/ folk and rock charts in 2010.

Deschanel said in an interview: "I always have loved music, ever since I was really little. I just loved to sing."

The oh so originally named new album "Volume 3" sees the same She & Him sound - why change something that works so perfectly? - but there's a definite difference from their previous releases and this one. Could it be the slower pace or the orchestral and choir  undertones that makes it so different? Maybe both. The two have grown, it seems, into an even more romantic and whimsical duo, not quite as good as "Volume One" and "Volume Two" but still that indie folk couple fans know, love and now expect.

The first single from the album, "I Never Wanted Your Love" is She & Him at their best. The strings in the background and Deschanel's soft 50s sound have you imagining her floating around in a pretty floral dress as she sings into the mic. The song is charismatic and sometimes sad with silly, catchy lyrics that hold a deeper meaning "Take a win/ Take a fall/ I never wanted your love but I needed it, oh." 

The album does hold a couple of golden covers. Starting with just a guitar and gradually building "Hold Me, Thrill Me Kiss Me"- probably the Mel Carter version not Estefan's sadly - is a highlight of the whole record. Blondie's "Sunday Girl" is also there along with french lyrics, every indie guy out there will be in a Deschanel lust mess once they've heard that whispy voice serenading them.

"Volume 3" is full of some great tracks, "I Could've Been Your Girl" in particular holds the memorable melody, sad but not depressing lyrics and Dusty Springfield-esque vocals. But there is not a single comparison with She & Him classics such as "Sentimental Heart" and "Sweet Darlin'" from previous albums. 

Skip to: I Could've Been Your Girl/ Sunday Girl/ Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Volume 3 is out 6 May

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