Music: Crystal Fighters "Cave Rave"

4 June 2013

Crystal Fighters "Cave Rave"

2.LA Calling 
3.You & I
5.No Man
6.Bridge of Bones
7.Love Natural
8.Are We One
9.These Nights

I think I may be a little behind the times with Crystal Fighters - their first album was released back in 2010 - it isn't until now that I have begun to take note of their easy going sound. A seemingly more streamlined second album "Cave Rave" fits in well with the weather us Brits have been having of recent. Also perfect for the festivals the band are playing this year - Glastonbury and Bestival to name a couple, no biggy.

The British/ Spanish alternative band formed in 2007 in Navarra Spain, their first album "Star of Love" was released here in 2010 but only made its way over to America in 2012. Written in just two months amidst the hills of Spain album number two perhaps lacks the story that most albums need for their listeners. While the songs are all written to get in the mood for summer (the title Cave Rave certainly represents the album's sound) some tend to feel a little lacklustre and unimaginative.

The album kicks off with three good'uns, Wave, LA Calling and You & I (the latter being their first single released from the LP) all three show the bands real talent and panache for an eclectic sound. Speaking of which, the bands instrument choices are far beyond the norm - expect the wooden xylophone, danbolin (round snare drum and the txistu (a pip whistle) -  although it seems that every 'hot' band right now are choosing to break the sound boundaries, Alt-J ∆ being a fine example of this.

The album feels a little bit samesy after track four. Ending with a couple of mellow tracks - These Nights and Everywhere - do seem to bring the album to a close, Everywhere in particular. The dream-like atmospheric state of it makes you drift off "Bring me joy, bring me life, bring me everything" until an abrupt ending shakes you from this dreamy state.

"Cave rave" is out now!

You & I - Crystal Fighters

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