11 December 2013

Two Faced Twitter

I've done it, my friends have done it, even my brother does it. It appears social media is the (not so new) place to vent. I cannot think how many times I have logged onto Twitter and right there in under 140 characters is a little dig, little jibe or snide comment aimed at…someone. But who? Said tweeter is never clear about WHO they are tweeting about, could it be me? you? a mutual friend? 

I like to think my friends know exactly where they stand with me, they're aware when I am annoyed with them because I tell them. This a concept that seems lost on some of the mystery tweeters out there. Haters that prey on celebrities (beleibers and 1D enthusiasts I'm looking at you) and threaten to kill or hurt people who are close to these young 'stars' - would they have been so inclined to act this way if twitter wasn't there as a source for them? I doubt it.

It is an online hub of jealousy, harsh words and chickens. Use it for what it was meant for - connecting with the celebs you love (hey Stephen Fry, notice me) and finding that dream job (@Samantha_Writer - always looking for my break) by following or being followed by those important contacts in the industry.

Don't use your twitter for evil, happy tweeting!

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