2014 - A New Mantra

7 January 2014

A new year always brings with it a new idea, mantra, theory, outlook or the most common name for it, resolution. Sometimes, however a resolution isn't new, it is - in fact - a few years old. You make the same promise every year - I WILL lose weight, I WILL exercise more and I WILL NOT reach for the leftover christmas choccies that are still staring me square in the face on the coffee table.

This year I have made that resolution once again - it's my second day in and all I can think about is bread and cheese - but I also decided to make ones that will better me and help me. Part of that resolution starts right here on my 'new year/ new look' blog, I'm going to spend the year writing more - about anything - fashion, music and opinion pieces mainly. Getting more involved with culture and the world away from my little village that I will hopefully soon be moving out of (London's Calling) if the flooding ever ends.

That is why I have chosen a typewriter as my main image. Writing is an art form that takes practise, guts, opinion and creativity - it's one of the only things I would consider myself good at and to have a passion for it is a bonus. Writing has changed over the years - from quill and ink, pen and paper, typewriter and ribbon and now computer and email - but still it stays the same, people still want to write about what they want and what gets them excited. 

This year will hopefully bring with it the job opportunity I have been waiting for, I think I've paid my dues working in retail on and off for the past six years and with it new experiences, new friendships and new prospects will hopefully arrive. A new year does mean a new start but you cannot forget about your past experiences - I've been alive for 23 years and six months and I'm going to remember them not just start completely afresh in 2014, that would be silly.

So, After all this in depth thinking I will endeavour to write on here at least once a week about good topics of conversation not just post a few pretty pictures and call it a blog post. And if i don't? Well, you will all be here to witness it.

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