27 March 2014

Spring Denim
It's one of my favourite fabrics of all and easily the most versatile out there. Year after year the high street is packing itself with denim and it's not hard to see why. An everlasting trend that has gone through some serious changes throughout its everlasting timeline. Back in the 90s we were wearing it 'double denim' style or super baggy with chains galore but it was mainly the 60s and 70s it thrived - being seen as the new, exciting fabric - flared trousers looked fab with a psychedelia top and fro didn't it? The 1980's gave us a tight, high waisted boot cut jean nearly always teamed with a badass leather jacket and now here we are reworking it again. 
Denim Skirt // One Teaspoon // Available at ASOS
YES! The just above the knee skirt cut is back, and I am so happy! Never a big fan of the denim mini skirt - I'm a lot smaller than most girls in the derrière department and those styles do nothing for you - I love this style. Nothing new about the cut, I remember having a skirt in this style back in the 90s but the way it has been reworked is refreshing.

This one caught my eye when I was just browsing (promise) ASOS the other day, One Teaspoon is a brand I had never heard of before so I took a look at their website. Based primarily in Australia the brand sees itself as Fantastically Rebellious // Sex-infused // Old School // Rock & Roll // Glamour - oh and they have a whole section on there just for denim, what's not to love? This skirt is oozing the whole brand, the distressed quality and rough stitching gives it a one-off piece look, the patches add a bit of fun to your derrière and who doesn't want that?
Mom Jeans // New Look
Never thought I'd see the day when I would be looking through my mum's wardrobe trying to find an on trend fashion piece. The mom trouser style is something that has been around for a couple of years now however it is only recently that we have seen it hit the high street. Normally a jean type you would find in your local charity shop or vintage store, places like New Look - where this pair is from - Topshop and River Island have started to take note of this trend and you'll find it everywhere.

It's a much needed break from squeezing your way into those stuck-to-your-skin skinny jeans, the fit is loose but still flatters the leg. If you, like me, have a smaller bum then make sure you find a really good fitting pair for you - nobody likes a saggy looking bum. Larger bum? You're generally safe with this trend, go for a high waist fit and it will accentuate your asset a lot more.
Dress, Top and Skirt // Topshop
Something a little different from the normal denim that we always see, Topshop have come up trumps with these three statement pieces from their summer collection. With the key summer trend of nautical in there but adding a twist to it, I have no doubt that a lot of girls are going to be wearing these this summer.

Another trend it shows off is the off shoulder sleeves, everywhere's done it with the crop top but this refreshing take works perfectly with this dress but don't forget it is predominantly a denim fabric so you're not going to have a whole lot of give there.
Oversized Denim Jacket // Zara
Probably one of my favourite pieces within my own wardrobe at the moment - the oversized denim jacket has got to be a must for any fashion conscious girl this spring/ summer. I got mine at a vintage fair for £20 but the high street have some good replicas if you prefer. This particular one from Zara is the best I found - of course, it is Zara after all. The double pockets on the front will give you a little something extra if you're lacking in that department and stitching down the front will elongate you, the silver buttons add that finishing touch showing just how well made it is.

I hope that if you didn't really think much of denim before you do now and will add a little to your wardrobe. 

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