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12 March 2014

Haim @ O2 Academy Brixton
As someone who was already a huge fan of ultimate girl band and so hot right now ladies Haim I was excited to snap up a ticket to their London gig. Right from the start - even when the band hadn't even begun to sing yet - girl power was definitely in the air from the likes of Tina Turner and BeyoncĂ© with a little 90s nostalgia in the form of The Backstreet Boys - God I miss them. What a playlist and one that the Haim sisters no doubt had a part in picking. So the crowd are already pumped and making the most of the jaeger bombs at the bar when support act Jungle appeared on stage, a good warm up for the girls playing their current hit Platoon to a suddenly interested crowd - hey I know this song. But it was time for the main event and sisters Danielle, Este and Alana Haim finally took to the O2 stage. 
Falling and If I Could Change Your Mind got avid fans - including myself - singing along and the tempo stayed up there right until the end. Their three-way harmonies were on point and the sisters welcoming demeanour of the girls was a huge hit to the mainly female audience. This was especially obvious when Este Haim started to recall a story a lot of the audience could relate to. It started as all great stories do "So I was in New York…" and told the tale of texting a guy on her new iPhone saying she needed a nap. She took the nap and checked the phone when she awoke two hours later. No text. She checked what she sent, turns out autocorrect was on form that day changed 'a nap' to 'anal.' No reply from said boy. But that's not the end…oh no…fast forward one and half years later when Haim release debut LP Days are Gone with huge success and she gets a text from said guy, "Sorry just got this."Sound familiar girls?

And as if you couldn't love the girls even more they decided to switch things up with Este on lead and Danielle hitting the drums to perform their radio 1 live lounge cover of BeyoncĂ©'s XO. Continuing with songs from their debut album their long locks were being thrashed around the stage in a rock n roll chic manner when we come to the end of their short, snappy and ever so sassy set with fan favourite The Wire. The whole atmosphere was electric from start to finish and it was clear the girls loved being in our capital "HELLO LONDON" was shouted various times to make sure we're all still there.
All photos by me.

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