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28 April 2014

An APP I can finally get on board with - it combines my favourite past time, shopping, with my second favourite past time, earning some always needed extra money. A clever gadget you will wonder how you ever did without, it walks the line between your local car boot sale and pop up boutique, vintage store and charity shop. According to DEPOP website there were some key objectives they wanted to give users:

Mobile - Only usable on your phone so you can interact with prospective buyers right from your pocket.
Fun - Trying to put the joy back into buying and selling clothes (among many other things) and succeeding.
Social - This is the clear difference between the APP and other online shopping sites, you are able to chat through private messaging with other sellers. For example if you are interested in a particular item someone is selling you can private message 'PM' them and enquire more about the product asking for images, any damage, bartering price etc.

Simply download, create your profile and start listing. 
my profile - samantha_marie
My Top Depop Tips

1. Follow people similar to you - they're more likely to buy if they are the same size as you or have the same style

2. Makes those photos stand out - you are allowed to upload four images of your item so try and get as much detailing in as possible, buyers always ask to see the product on a person so add one or two of you wearing it.

3. Sell it well - you have a description box with an unlimited amount of characters so give a super detailed description! - it will show up in searches better when people are looking for that sort of product. Name the brand, size and product condition.

4. Make you clear - add a bio to your profile page and make it obvious what you are looking for/ selling/ where you're from. Swaps are common on this site but if you aren't interested in them make it known - people will still ask but not as many if you didn't put it on there in the first place.

5. Get to know people - Everyone is in the same boat, they want to buy and sell as much as they can, have fun with the app and you'll be successful. Come across not so nice then you aren't going to sell!

Happy Shopping!

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