14 April 2014

David Bailey Stardust
6th February - 1st June 2014
National Portrait Gallery
Jerry Hall and Helmut Newton, 1973, in Cannes
There's nothing I love more than getting lost in a museum or art gallery, seeing images and intricate objects up close and personal is something you can never experience from a book. A recent exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery had me lost for words, the exhibition? David Bailey's Stardust. Only having seen a few of Bailey's extensive portfolio previously I was in awe of how many 'celebs' and fashion icons he had snapped over the years. 

Walk in one room and you're hit with rock n roll nostalgia finding photographs of Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine and Mick Jagger to name only a few then onto the next packed full of all sorts from the fashion industry including the late Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. The exhibition seemed to be never ending but never boring, every wall was covered top to bottom and there wasn't a Bailey stone that hadn't been uncovered.
Jack Nicholson
A personal note rang through the whole gallery, images of his wife and children were laid out in different photo frames as a sort of family album on one giant wall. Normally private pictures were on display including his wife giving birth to their son giving you the chance to get to know Bailey as more than just a photographer, a father and husband too. 

In yet another huge room you start to get an understanding of his friendship with the infamous Kray brothers and get a sense of London at that time this was then completely juxtaposed with his time in Africa and the tribal men and women he photographed. With over 250 images all personally selected by David Bailey it offers you a great opportunity to witness one of the greats in his prime.

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Michael Caine

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