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11 May 2014

What I'm Wearing

Top // Topshop
Necklace // Primark
Bag // Charity Shop Bargain
Mom Jeans // Topshop (but bought from DEPOP)

Yesterday my mum and I took the short train ride to Bristol and had a lovely (albeit a tad windy and wet) day soaking up some Bristolian culture, food, shopping and theatre. For Mother's Day way back in March I'd bought her tickets to the Beatles tribute musical Let It Be - I think I was more excited to her to be honest - so we had a mother/ daughter day to look forward to. After the year we have already had we definitely deserved this little trip.

First stop was Park Street, home to an array of charity shops, quirky havens and independent stores - my heaven! There was a particular charity shop, The Children's Hospice, where I found a whole wall of black and white photographs (pictured above) to observe as I shopped, it seemed to a little something more to the place, a little bit of pictorial history to the clothes. It was also on our walk along here that we spotted a Banksy (also pictured above) I managed to squeeze into the little crowd that was gawking and gasping at the art work and take an image of my own.

Then a quick pit stop in Prezzo where my mother and I unashamedly consumed an awful lot of calories - that's my mum pictured with her huge VIP pizza and archers and lemonade, classy gal! Making the painful decision of whether we could manage a dessert was made easy when we read about the honeycomb smash cheesecake. Need I say anymore. Yum! It was finally time for us to roll our way to the theatre to see an amazing spectacle and one of the best tribute bands I have ever heard - not that I've heard all that many, but still.

John, Paul, George and Ringo were, for a short and sweet two hours, very much alive and together absorbed in their world of rock n roll, enrapturing songwriting and contrasting personalities. From the early days of the Liverpool Cavern to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Peace & Love, man to the swirly whirly abyss of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. It was a roller coaster of emotions and, for many of the older people there memories of the bands time together, squeezed into a very limited timeframe.

The stage had the same set up the whole time, drums and drummer Ringo at the back, George floating in the middle on guitar, Paul stage left and John stage right - only changing when it came to piano play. With television screens that, throughout the show, played adverts from the 1960s and footage of the real fab fours adventures - without actually showing the fab four - it was a great production for those, like myself, who had not lived through that magical era.

When most of the set list had been played it was time for two final songs, which you can probably guess. Let it Be saw 'Paul' take to the piano and had me and my mum in tears (listen to the words and you can link it with any dark/ sad/ tough time in your life) and then it was time to say goodbye with... Hey Jude! Of course! The audience were on their feet and dancing in the aisles.

It was a fantastic show, the costumes were on point (George's double denim made me smile) and the whole production team obviously took what they were doing very seriously. A must see!!

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  1. I love Bristol. :) Glad you had a great day out.



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