Pretty Professional Pastels

12 May 2014

Top // Topshop
Trousers // Topshop
Heels // ASOS
Blazer // Topshop

Sometimes, just sometimes I get myself all dolled up (well, I think I'm pretty dressed up here) ready to sell my soul to the devil, I mean attend an interview. I didn't wear heels to the actual interview as a) I didn't want to tower over all the interviewers, being 5'11' isn't all it's cracked up to be and b) falling over ten times or more probably doesn't scream HIRE ME and I doubt it would get me the job. 

Pastels are a big deal every single summer and this year I'm feeling particularly drawn to lilac. It's pretty, feminine and actually, for a lighter colour, very flattering. A lot of what I'm wearing here I bought a while ago, the trousers were on sale (the only time I can justify a spending spree in Topshop) and I instantly became a touchy, feely shopper with these as the circles are textured giving the trousers a 3D aspect. They are also in the 'cigarette pant' style which is bang on trend right now, what goes around comes around is certainly a true point in fashion.

The heels and bag are both from ASOS and the only two items, minus the necklace, in this outfit I have bought quite recently. The small satchel comes with a longer strap as well so you can fling it over your body if you don't always carry your bag in your hand and the shoes actually keep me pretty secure - well, they keep me upright at least. The top is also something I had lying around in my chest of drawers, it's an extremely versatile top, I know I've dressed it up here with my Topshop blazer but you can also keep it really casual, I've worn it to festivals teamed with shorts and a oversized cardigan before.

The necklace is the main item I wanted to take some time to talk about. It seems that statement jewellery has become an emerging trend, with companies all over Twitter and Instagram wanting you wearing their gems. This particular necklace is from Yokowoo Accessories and I completely fell in love with it, the colours are perfect for summer and the shape and sizing gives the whole outfit some more depth and a pop of colour to grab your attention. I have a feeling I'll be wearing this a lot this season. 
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  1. i love this outfit! your shoes and bag are to die for!! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. thank you, so lovely. love your blog too! xo

  2. Love this look, especially the trousers and shoes. And your tattoo! xx

    1. awww thank you, not a lot of people ever comment on the tattoo. really kind of you! xo

    2. I have a tattoo on my foot too so I always notice peoples! xo


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