Having a Giraffe

16 May 2014

Giraffe necklace // LVNDR
Browsing through Instagram and Twitter certainly has its moments when you find a hidden gem like LVNDR. Only born in December last year it is still growing but already doing amazingly well, some of its most popular items (like this necklace) are out of stock already! The whole idea this cute online store wanted was to add the personal touch they feel is "missing from other online stores." They have taken ideas and inspiration from what Pinterest, Instagram and all us bloggers have been loving and putting their own stamp on it. 

For me, I absolutely fell in love with this necklace - already a huge fan of giraffes, my best friend Janie and me even went in two by two as this gangly creature to a Noah's Ark party at university. Both being pretty tall gals we managed to pull it off. This particular piece from the store comes in either silver, gold or rose gold as do a lot of the pieces they have - including a dinosaur and an elephant! Amazing.

I also ordered a giraffe ring (just can't get enough of them) but it broke in the post, I contacted LVNDR via Twitter and they gave me an email address and hey presto I'll be getting a new one sent to me when it comes back in stock. Told you they were popular! You should get in quick if you love these jewellery pieces as much as me, I'm already eyeing up the dinosaur necklace!

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