Floral Wasteland

23 May 2014

Blouse // Primark
White Jeans // Next
Shoes // Primark
Bag // Charity Shop Bargain
Sunglasses // ASOS

I'll tell you right now I was not a happy bunny on this shoot - it was hot, I was sleepy and I got glass stuck in my shoe - however I really wanted to show off my new Primark blouse and shoes so I got over the heat, my grumps and almost cutting my foot off and I'm so glad I did! I took a trip to Primark a couple of weeks ago, as you may have seen if you follow me on my instagram, and came back with bagfuls of goodies - seriously, three bags later.

Two of my favourite items were these white sandals that have been super popular with a lot of bloggers already and this bright, summery, floral blouse. I find it hard to find blouses that fit well, my chest is a little larger than most but I'm still a size 10, I found this one fitted me perfectly - no gaping or puckering or buttons popping out blinding people as I walk down the street. Another plus was the colour combinations, sometimes stores can chuck a load of vibrant colours together and hope for this best but this one isn't too over powering. Teamed with my white trousers I did feel a little like an old man holidaying in Benidorm...in a good way though!

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