Lomography Love

21 May 2014

I have been stood in countless Urban Outfitters stores umming and ahhing over a lomography camera for a while now, asking myself the same two questions. 'Is £55 too much to pay for a piece of plastic?' and 'Will I actually use it?' But then when I saw this one on DEPOP (my new favourite place/ app) for £25 including postage I just had to go for it. I ordered it a mere four days ago and hey presto here it is (I found a good seller there). I know it may seem a bit silly to some to take photographs of a camera with another camera but I really want to show off the fun packaging and design of the little gadget. And when I say little, I mean little.

It is the MINI DIANA so the clue is pretty much in the name. They come in all different colours, but this one - Superstar - was a special edition, a lot of people seem to have the blue and black or the green so it definitely stood out to me. Because it's plastic it means it's going to be pretty damn durable, I'll be taking it on a Bestival adventure later this year or out on random hikes with Daisy dog, another plus is that it takes standard 35mm film with the option of standard or double exposure. This really appealed to me as a) they're easy to develop and b) you can take a lot more photographs.

I'm sure it'll take me a little while to get used to it but part of my love for these kind of cameras is the anticipation and excitement you get when you develop a reel of film and have to take it off to the printers. In a digital age it's nice to have some nostalgia still.

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  1. The camera is so pretty! I've been after one like this for so long!
    I'd love to see what your photos turn out like! Maybe you could do a post when you get them developed? :)
    I love your blog! Have a nice day! ^_^ xx

    1. I could only afford it from DEPOP, Urban Outfitters is too expensive!!
      Yeah I'm definitely going to do a post, thank you! xo


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