Sheer Luck!

19 May 2014

Mom Jeans // Originally Topshop (bought from DEPOP)
Shoes // Primark
Satchel // ASOS
Sheer Top // Warehouse
Necklace // Primark
Daisy Dog // Priceless

The sunshine has really been in full bloom recently and I wanted to make the most of with some outfit posts of recent purchases, much to my brother's/ photographers dismay. I've become a little bit obsessed with my new - but old - mom jeans. Originally from Topshop, I nabbed them on DEPOP for the bargain price of £15. Seriously, I cannot get enough of that app, check it out if you haven't already but be wary of people trying to scam you, some gals are just ruin it for the rest of us.

The shoes and necklace both came from the ever lovely Primark, a lot of my posts feature Primark heavily - I love it! The shoes are oh-so comfy and a great colour to go with pretty much anything you chuck on, the necklace I was instantly drawn to. Not normally a fan of gold jewellery but with the pretty pastel colouring and flower design I had to have it. The beautiful blouse actually has tassels on the ends but I didn't want to make the outfit overly fussy so tucked them into the jeans to give it a sleeker look. I normally only bring the tassels out to play at a festival.

The bag (and Daisy dog) topped the whole look of perfectly - and did you notice? I've finally had my raggedy mane chopped, but it's definitely looking not-so-fresh on the roots so better get that done ASAP.

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