Diary: Spending ban

1 July 2015

clothesaddict, fashion, fashionblogger, fbloggers, savingmoney, spendingban, tipsonhowtosavemoney
clothesaddict, fashion, fashionblogger, fbloggers, savingmoney, spendingban, tipsonhowtosavemoney
clothesaddict, fashion, fashionblogger, fbloggers, savingmoney, spendingban, tipsonhowtosavemoney

First things first, let me explain this whole spending ban thing – I buy too many clothes! Actually, that's basically the main point of why I decided to do this ban, I have enough clothes so I really don't need anymore…I've now come to terms with that. I'm also trying to save money so that one day I can finally move out of the family home and gain back some of my long-gone independence, the outcome of this little 'experiment' is to have more wonga in the bank and feel like I've accomplished something. (I do realise how sad this sounds, yes) 

I've tried to keep an accurate diary (it's not daily as this would be the longest blog post in the world) of tempting emails, even more tempting sales, shopping but not buying and ignoring online shopping.

So, here are my rules:

  • No clothes/ shoes/ bags/ jewellery/ accessories of any kind can be bought in June
  • I can buy underwear
  • Food/ drink/ miscellaneous things I can buy but not in excess
  • If I run out of a certain make-up product(s) then I may re-buy
  • Presents for friends/ family are of course exceptions to the rules

My diary:

May 31st It's 8am and I've just awoken to the email of my dreams: ASOS have 20% off! This is it, my last ever online order/ clothes buy for the next month. Better make it count. One hour later…my 'save for later' has been emptied and my order placed "Thank you for your order" – no, no ASOS thank you for my last taste of the shopping buzz.

June 1st Miss Selfridge and Topshop both send me emails about the things I 'shouldn't be missing out on.' Should I unsubscribe or see it through till the bitter end of June 30th? I'm going to see it through, it'll make the achievement even more spectacular…right? I settle down for the evening after a long day at work and um, yup I get a TEXT from Bootea, Bootea? I ordered from them once and must have given them my number – I don't recall this. But no, I don't want a discounted bundle of green tea. *deletes* Yesterday's ASOS ordered arrived though, that quenched my shopping thirst!

June 2nd - 4th It's been a short week for me as I'm off on a little break this weekend with my family – this hasn't stopped the shopping emails though. I receive two almost daily from Topshop as I have two separate email accounts both signed up to the newsletter. It's torture! Over the last three days I've received in total 43 emails from companies that I may have only bought from once but have now been signed up to their newsletter…it's effort to unsubscribe though isn't it. Also got a random Homebase email, not quite as tempting.

June 5th - 8th Spend a weekend in Cornwall with the fam so my shopping desire is on hold as I'm too interested in exploring the pretty beaches. YAY!

June 9th - 12th Working in the middle of town where the only thing you can do on your one hour lunch break is go to shops is making me feel the purse pinch. Luckily, I live in a small town where there is no H&M, Miss Selfridge etc but there is a Topshop and Primark…but once again as it's a small town they're not stocked with the good stuff anyway.

June 13th & 14th At the weekend mum and I normally go shopping and I have time on my hands to scour the online shopping world – mainly ASOS – but I'm trying to resist and not even switch my laptop on. Mum and I went to Dunelm but it was her that did the big spending and me coming home with a full purse, so to speak. I went out in the evening with my friend for a couple of drinks which is absolutely allowed. No clothes were bought, only wine!

June 15th - 19th This week was stress central! If you don't already know I work for a national magazine, this week was our deadline week of the 150th issue so kinda a big deal for everyone involved. I 'splurged' and spent five whole pounds on biscuits for the office, we needed it but hey, last time I checked you can't wear biscuits so I'm still doing well. Also bought dad a couple of CD's he wanted for Father's Day and once again that's not breaking any rules. At the start of Thursday I get two emails from Topshop telling me there sale has started, I click on the link but quickly stop myself. Woo!

June 20th & 21st I had no plans this weekend so there was no need to spend money on absolutely anything, this was probably the most tempting weekend I've had so far though on my spending ban journey. I received countless emails from the likes of Motel, Zara and, yet again, Topshop - man, that brand doesn't give up. Luckily, it was Father's Day Sunday so the fam and I went to the cinema and mum took blog photos for me, both very good distractions.

June 22nd - 26th This week may have been the hardest week for me – the end is in sight and annoyingly, I've seen a lot of mid-season sales and new lines come into store that I MUST HAVE! However, I went to both Topshop and New Look both of which had some great stuff and didn't buy a thing…I may have tried stuff on but no buying here, Sir! I only hope I can hold out over the weekend as mum and I are heading to town again #prayforsam

June 27th & 28th My last weekend of no spending and to be honest it isn't an easy one. I receive some emails from old favourite Topshop and not only emails but texts from my one true love ASOS! However, I resisted even though they did send me a discount code for ASOS TALL – how do they know I'm tall???

June 29th & 30th I MADE IT!! Narrowly dodged an impulse buy on ASOS (the sale's started, dammit) and just added things to my 'save for later' instead. Phew. I realise this whole post may be perceived as 'shallow' – but can actually have a spending ban on anything, people I work with have said they would like to stop spending money on lunches out and make a packed lunch instead to see how much money that would save them.

But me? In the month of may I spent almost £500 on clothes, this month £0. My bank balance looks a hell of a lot better and I've been wearing clothes I'd actually forgotten about. The main thing I'll take away from this is I DON'T ALWAYS NEED TO BUY CLOTHES! There you go mum, it's finally sunk in.

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  1. HAHAH I have spent so much on clothes!! especially now that the season changed


    1. I'm normally so bad with money so this was a surprise to go really well! xo

  2. hahah this is such a great post!! I feel the struggle too. As of next month I am going on one too!
    Jennie Emma

  3. Great post! I love the diary, it was so funny :)


    1. Thanks lovely, tried not to take it too seriously xo

  4. Such a good idea to write down all your temptations! Honestly I had to unsubscribe from nearly all the shop newsletters I was signed up to... it's too hard to resist when there's a sale!

    Lovely Witches

  5. Love this! Might need to go on a spending ban this month #priorities


  6. Great post! it's awesome to see what will power can do. I also buy way too many clothes and think this might be a good idea for me to try. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Definitely, think it's worth a try at least once xo


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