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27 November 2015

Thank goodness it's Friday is what I want to say first…how slow has this week been? And cold! Man oh man, Winter is definitely here! (squeals because I'm actually super excited). I wanted to show you how to transition something you may have bought in Summer into the Winter months – so opted for this denim dress from ASOS, which would you believe is still on their site?! Woop! In the Summer I wore this without tights (duh, it was over 5 degrees) and with pink flats, this time it's time to layer up a little…or a lottle, depending how cold you get!

I added thick black tights from Primark, I've now gone up to 100 denier rather than 80 – things are getting wild, I know and a roll neck that's also from the high street store, which you may have seen featured on my blog on Wednesday. It's super thick and gives a little bit of interest to the outfit, as does these shoes from ASOS – a pompom treat for the eyes (and Daisy dogs mouth apparently) and the perfect addition to this look!

Have a fab weekend, and see you Monday for more fashion beauty and all that jazz!

Dress ASOS | Shoes ASOS | Rollneck Primark (recent)

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