Happy new year!

1 January 2016

happynewyear, asos, embellished top, peacockbride, newyearsresolutions

There's no point in this post being all about my new year's resolutions – let's be honest, who keeps them? Not me, that's for sure! I could say the things I said last year about a 'new year, new me' thang but it's just not going to happen – all I'm hoping for is new blogging opportunities (perhaps making it more of a full time thing? Any tips? Please let me know!) and perhaps a move to somewhere different – if I can manage to leave Daisy dog, that is. In general I'm pretty okay with the way my life is going – although still living with my parents is proving…trying, at times (though I do love them, hi mum!) and finding different things to do in this sleepy town is proving…trying, but it's not all bad!

I'm hoping to travel a bit more in 2016, not having a holiday in 2015 probably didn't help with my general mood, and though I got to go on my first UH-mazing press trip to St Kitts in Nevis, it doesn't count unless it's with family or friends. I did get to visit Cornwall with my family for a few days in the Summer, it took me straight back to my childhood when every year we'd used to go on holiday there…grubby but charming caravan, and all! I'd also like to head to a festival, either Bestival again as it was so so good last time, or a different one that I haven't been to before…got any suggestions then please do let me know!

While I don't have any concrete resolutions, I think I need to become a bit more of a positive person and not spend so much time on social media – I'm definitely a 'the glass is half empty' girl and that needs to change!

Do you have any new year's resolutions or are you snubbing them like me this year?

happynewyear, asos, embellished top, peacockbride, newyearsresolutions


  1. I feel the same way about New Years Resolutions- great in theory, not so much in practice! I've just moved back into my mum's house this year too and it's been a huge challenge, so I know exactly how you feel. I can't wait to get back out on my own again! Hope you have a fab 2016 :) xxx

    Beth | Alphabeth

    1. Hope your 2016 is fab, too Beth – you know what you gotta think about living with the rents? Sooooo much extra money! xx


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