15 tell-tale signs you're a blogger…

2 March 2016

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1. Your Instagram IS your child
2. You go to bed dreaming of the perfect flat lay
3. Wherever you go, you will find the perfect photo opp
4. You own at least three of the following…
- Cactus/ Succulent
- Terrarium (for your cactus, obvs)
- Marble homeware 
- Rose gold/ copper
- Olympus PEN
- A print wall
5. Finding THAT perfect white background to take outfit pictures is like finding the man of your dreams…
6. Stationery makes you really happy…like, really happy
7. When shopping you think that would be really good for my blog, I should probably get it
8. You fall out with whoever's taking your outfit photos at least three times per outfit
9. You have to explain to parents/ grandparents/ friends what it is you do
10. Winter is your nemesis (no light = your beloved Instagram suffering)
11. Going shopping immediately equals you uploading a haul post/ video
12. You must take photos of your food for Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Snapchat before consumption
13. Twitter makes you angry most of the time… 
14. But then you remember the good people on there making it okay (mostly other bloggers)
15. When you don't get as many views or comments on a post and you're like WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!?!

How many if these can you tick off? Let me know in the comments below…
fulltimeblogger, signsyoureablogger, fbloggers, fblogger, lbloggers, lblogger, bloggers, telltalesignsyoureablogger


  1. HAHA these are so true also I am always leaving the mall with tons of swatches!

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. this is so true! them 5 lipsticks would be good for my blog - therefore I must buy them all....

  3. Totally nodding at all of this! I spend so much money on things because they'd be 'good for the blog' haha!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  4. I don't really do Fashion blogging, so I can skip a few those problems (although one of the reasons I don't fo fashion blogging is probably related to the things listed above, haha!)
    But I can agree with the rest! The struggles of a blogger are real, eh?
    Lighting is my no.1 problem in (blogger) life, especially when you spend ages on a beautiful food flatlay and then catch the dam shadow of your phone or arm in the photo. Arrrrrrgh!
    x tink jayne x
    travel & lifestyle

  5. Oh my goodness yes!! I relate to these so much haha. My excuse to my husband is "i have to go shopping, it's for my blog!" ;)

    Amy Stratton

  6. This describes my daily life!! Also, the tea and scones are beautiful :)
    Jess @ www.juicyyyjesss.co.uk


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