Haircare routine with Bblonde

5 April 2016

You may have noticed I recently changed my hair up a little, okay maybe a lot – going from brunette to blonde is pretty big, isn't it? I've done this change up before but I had done it myself and using the Live Colour hair dyes – nothing against them, they work from some people but they just made my hair really bright, brassy and really not that nice looking. So this time I decided I would do things 'properly', and booked my first appointment about 6 or so months ago to go from long brunette hair to short slightly lighter brown hair. This isn't exactly what I wanted if I'm honest, I thought I would be able to go from dark brown (with bits of red in there) to silver-blonde just like that *clicks fingers* but hey it ain't that simple.

But, I've now gradually got to a colour I really like and the upkeep of it really isn't that much to be honest – I know people say it's expensive to maintain the 'fake blonde' colour but it's really not if you get things done properly. I go to the hairdressers every 6-8 weeks to get my hair bleached and highlighted, this does cost quite a bit but I think it's better to get a professional to do it than mess up your hair. Once I've had it bleached I will keep it looking healthy and vibrant with some Bleach London products, I use the silver shampoo and conditioner about two-three times a week and it does exactly what it says – keeps the brassy tones at bay and keeps it healthy. I was approached by BBlonde by Jerome Russell to try out their new lilac toner, it didn't go completely to plan – maybe if I'd have left it on longer it would have given more of a lilac effect, but I still think you can see some purple-tones in the hair at the moment. The toner was super easy to apply, I left it on for 30 minutes as instructed but, like I said maybe I should have left it on there for longer…when it came to drying and brushing my hair though it was super matted and actually really hurt to try and detangle all the knots. But, overall it's a nifty little product if you're looking to add a bit of colour to your hair!

Everyone I've asked thinks I look better blonde than brunette, what do you reckon?

Bleach London Shampoo and Conditioner Boots | Toner c/o Bblonde Jerome Russell


  1. Love your hair color! And those braids are so nice! Lovely to see your routine!

    X Annora /

  2. Loving the new multi tonal look! And
    Those braids are so cute! X X

  3. Love your hair! Most toners make the hair feel dry, so I always make sure to use a hairmask or conditioner after. Sometimes I just blend the toner with a bit of conditioner. x Chantal

    1. Ohhhh okay, thought it was just me – thanks for sharing xx


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