26 Thoughts At 26

21 September 2016

There's something about turning another year older in your twenties that fills you with complete dread, once the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th parties are over that's it you're in mid-twenties territory. Inching closer and closer to the big 3-0 you start to have a 'different outlook' on what's important to you and the random crap you start questioning yourself about - the 26 thoughts at 26...

1. Crap I'm 26, my mum was married and had me and my brother by this age and I just ate an entire pot of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting without drawing for breath...
2. Oh, and an entire share pack of Kettle chips too.
3. Should I have accomplished more by now?
4. Like, children have won gold medals for their country at the Olympics and I'm just happy if I find my way home on a Friday night after a few too many vinos.
5. My dog is the most important thing to me (minus mum, dad and brother, as well as mum, dad and brother)
6. Animals are great, I'm going to get so many animals and become a crazy animal lady.
7. Wait, no I can't because I rent a room in London that doesn't allow pets even though I pay a gazillion pounds a month for it.
8. Is the fact that I can count my best friends on one hand?
9. No, the rest of the world is full of bitches.
10. Everyone's getting married, having babies, buying houses and I'm just waiting for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I to meet and have a totally 500 Days of Summer scenario.
11. Except I won't be a bitch like that bitch Summer.
12. Do I buy too many clothes, shoes and bags?
13. I mean I've been on a spending ban this month...but that doesn't mean I have a problem...
14. Right?
15. I'd rather watch old re-runs of The Hills, The OC and Gilmore Girls than attempt to watch anything new.
16. Because, who has time to concentrate on new things? Stick to what you know, Sam!
17. I think about food far too much. Seriously, my world revolves around when/ what/ where I'm next going to eat even if I've only just eaten.
18. Carbs seem to appear in every single meal I prepare.
19. Pasta is my new favourite food group.
20. I'm older now and need to start dressing more my age...
21. Screw it I'm buying the denim mini skirt and skater dress.
22. However, I'm now going to start investing in staple pieces for my wardrobe.
23. Oh, hi Primark.
24. I have my dream wedding, house and work space ready and waiting on my Pinterest.
25. Speaking of which, I should get a hobby like quilting, crocheting, appliqué or screen printing.
26. Jeez, I'm old...


  1. Number 3! My birthday is tomorrow and I've been thinking about that loads xx


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