On The Move (again)

1 November 2016

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If you follow me on various other social media channels then you'll already know that I recently moved out of what I tried to call home in North London and into a lovely new place just a stone's throw away from Islington and Angel!

Much closer to work and a step further into the zones (going from zone three to two feels pretty fancy) I no longer have to get the stinky, sweaty in all weathers tube to work, it's now a mere 15-minute walk away and I'm living with some like-minded gals who make the living so far from 'home home' part a lot easier. Moving house is stressful even in the most calmest of circumstances but this really was a stressful thing for me - up until a week until I had to move out of my old place I still didn't have anywhere to live....stress levels reached a serious high! Crying down the phone most evenings to my poor mum (who's in Somerset so couldn't do anything for me) it was starting to affect me at work and just in general every day life. When I finally found this place I couldn't actually move in until a week after my move out date...cue me being even more stressed but, luckily for me my friend Larissa let me stay with her for the duration so I said yes to the room and packed my things up into storage. Probably one of the saddest things is seeing pretty much everything you own in a dingy, dark and cold storage unit. But hey, I'm finally in and after nearly a month of being in my new place I finally feel settled in London. 

I love my new house and especially my new room (tour coming soon, don't you worry) that feels so much more like a home than the last place I lived did. The room features shelves (a big thing in London is having no storage space), a super high ceiling, laminate flooring and quite possibly my favourite thing about it a gorgeous fireplace that I want to fill with fake flowers and candles ready for winter. I have a lot of 'stuff' and no not just clothes but books, beauty products, a record player and records so it was easy for me to fill this room and instantly make it look a lot more like home. The frame bed is an absolute dream as I now have more storage under there for all my bags, bedding and shoes meaning everything has a place and is out of the way. This is important if you're looking for somewhere to call home in London (or any city, I guess), don't underestimate how different you can feel if you think your room doesn't have enough space for all your things. You're going to be spending the majority of your time in that one little room so you need to make sure it's perfect for you - use every single inch of space you possible can. Make a room feel more homely by adding cute fair lights, fake flowers and displaying some of your favourite things for you to see everyday. I normally have a clothing sort out every season (I'm due one, so look out eBay) which gives me more space and I'm pretty resilient in the sense that when I buy something or go on a complete spending spree I'll get rid of something else or make sure I actually have room for the new things. There's just a few more things I need for my room (TV, rug and lampshade) and then it'll finally be done and just there for me to enjoy - if you're moving to a new place or thinking about moving and you have some questions just ask away in the comments!

movinghousetips, londonliving, livinginlondon, movinghouse


  1. I always struggled with making my accomodation/house at uni 'home'. I love to cover my walls in old photographs and make it my own! Hope you love living in your new place xx

    LUCY | lucy-cole.co.uk

  2. Aw so glad you’re all settled in finally. Cheers for the mention too – always got room for you! Dinner soon? xxx


  3. I hate moving house- its the most stressful thing ever! Its great that you found somewhere you like though x


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