Judy's Vintage Fair: Camden & Vintage Shopping Tips

7 December 2016

I don't think there's anything better than taking a little stroll on a frosty Sunday morning and when you stumble (okay, I checked on Facebook) upon a fabulous vintage fair that makes it even better! I headed down to Camden, a short walk from my London home, and attended Judy's Vintage Fair - here's what I got up to...

I've been a big fan of vintage fashion for years now and if you've followed me for an ample amount of time on here then you will have seen some of the fairs I've attended previously. But, I'd never been to Judy's Vintage Fair and I was interested to see how it differed to both the Vintage Kilo Sale and Lou Lou's Vintage Fair. First thing I noticed was that it was quite small, I don't know if that was just because of the venue but there wasn't as many vendors as I was expecting, saying that the quality of the clothing and homeware they had on offer was amazing and some of the best I've seen.

You could tell the people selling were lovers of all things vintage (obviously) and were ready to sell these precious items to customers like myself. A lot of people were eyeing up the various fur coats on offer to them, stopping to take a look at the dazzling antique jewellery (I nearly walked away with a dog brooch) and trying on some vintage Levi's denim. I only walked away with a cardigan (I had the intention of getting one before I even got there) but could have bought a lot more for myself if it wasn't the season of giving. If you've never been to a vintage shop or fair before here are my five top tips to what to look out for and how you should prepare...

1. Always go with a list! Sometimes it can be seriously overwhelming opening the vintage shop doors and being instantly hit by so many amazing things. So, if you take a list of what you'd really like to find it'll ease the whole shopping experience.

2. Don't be alarmed about the weird sizes! I can fluctuate in size when I try on vintage clothing - a size 12 now is not the same as a size 12 back then, women were thinner with teeny weeny waists so the clothes were made a lot differently. Don't take offence that you might not be a size 8 in vintage and embrace the old-school sizing.

3. Take an honest friend! Trust me, you'll want a second opinion when you're looking at vintage clothing and the more honest the friend the better. "Does this fringed cowboy jacket with suede patches suit me?" "Girl, no let's move on!" That's what you need.

4. Always check the labels! Dry cleaning is a serious chore for the majority of us so ask yourself is that suede dress really worth the aggro? Most of the time it is, let's be honest! Also take a look at the label to see if it's actually vintage, an Oasis dress from the 90s doesn't count.

5. Have fun! Most of the time vintage fairs put on a pretty good spread of cakes as well as teas and coffees so you can really make a day of it. I often take my mum with me (she's really good at being my number three) so it's nice to have a cuppa and have some chill time before you try and wade through all that gorgeous vintage.

Check out more about Judy's Vintage Fair here

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