ASOS & Zara Haul: New Spring Pieces

21 February 2017

As with any new season there comes a want and need to add new clothes to your wardrobe and I especially find myself drawn to the shops (both high street and online) when going through that winter to spring transition. Florals are obviously the name of the game and with Zara and ASOS leading the way in the high street fashion stakes at the moment I, of course took full advantage of the new bits that had landed in my two favourite stores...

F L O R A L   T O P   here

Florals for spring may not be all that groundbreaking but this spring will see us wearing darker floral prints with a little bit of an edge. This pretty blouse not only hits the floral trend bang on the head but also the frills trend that we're seeing here, there and everywhere too. I've worn this top so much since getting it as well: underneath my pinafore dress and partnered my my favourite flared jeans are two of my favourite outfits right now.

A D I D A S   G A Z E L L E S   here

Since moving to London almost a year ago I now completely understand why women wear trainers to work and change their shoes at the office. Number one London is a super grubby place and number two you will get barged for walking to slow on the Underground so it's better for your safety to wear trainers. Now these I only wear when I know I'm not going anywhere to grubby (hard in this city) as I don't want to ruin the pretty pastel pink colour of them. They fit great and true to size, plus the style is great for gals with bigger feet, like me.

S L I N K Y   B L O U S E   here

Ooooh la la, I bit of slinky silk never hurt anyone, did it?! I had had my eye on this little blouse for ages before finally taking from my saved to later and putting it straight in my ever-growing ASOS basket. It's so super soft and the short flared sleeves over a bit more coverage as, let's face it there's not a lot of coverage on the front. It'll suit a huge range of body shapes, I tend to pair it with my skinny black Joni jeans and black boots for a simple but pretty going 'out out' look.

L I G H T - W E I G H T    J U M P E R   here

While spring may be just around the corner that doesn't mean I'm going to be whipping out my swimsuit any time soon! It's still worth buying a couple of lighter jumpers for the slightly warmer season ahead and as soon as I saw this one in Zara I was sold. Whilst yellow is a tough colour to pull of (if I was still blonde I wouldn't be able to wear this tone) it can be toned down with a cute pair of blue denim jeans and some classic black loafers.

E M B R O I D E R E D   S H O E S    here

Embroidery is the trend you should be investing in, and not just with your clothing it would seem. These fabulous shoes are able to add some more interest to an otherwise plain and simple outfit choice and I just love how comfortable yet still fabulous they are. They're in a simple slipper style  so it's like you're not even wearing shoes, I plan to wear them dressed down with blue jeans and a plain sweatshirt.

S H E E R   E M B E L L I S H E D   T O P   here

I seem to have a thing for anything sparkly at the moment which is quite different for me as I normally steer towards less fussy pieces. But, this sheer top caught my eye on the ASOS website and I'm so glad I picked it up when I did as I think it's going to be a sell out! Everything about it is beautifully designed: from the intricate embellished detailing to the peplum sleeves style it's a style winner for every season.

E M B R O I D E R E D   S H I R T   here

All great hauls must come to an end and I think I've kept my absolute favourite piece for last. White and denim is such a good combination for spring and with this shirt you get little hints of pretty green and yellow bringing it right up to date for this year. A white shirt is always a good thing to have hanging in your wardrobe and this update on a classic is something I'll be wearing a lot this year.


  1. I'm loving all of the embroidered pieces here! It's going to be tricky not to blow all my wages on new SS17 things this month!

    The Little Things x

    1. I'm finding it hard too, just spent £100 on three tops on Topshop haha

  2. Love everything you've bought, such pretty purchases! x

  3. Everything is so pretty!! Especially the silky blouse and the embroidered shoes

    1. I can't wait for it to be warmer so I can wear the shoes! It's still too cold at the moment xo

  4. Wow such gorgeous style, I love each piece individually in its own way. I can see those blush pink trainers going nicely with the lemon jumper for a casual weekend vibe. And those embroidered pumps could work nicely for an unconventional comfortable work shoe? I love the feminine vibes, the embellished top is just beautiful. You have a lovely blog by the way! Have a great weekend! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks Helen, and thanks for stopping by :) xo


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