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7 February 2017

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After a two month hiatus on this lil piece of the internet I'm finally back! So, where the hell have I been and why haven't I felt the need or the want to blog? There's been a whole host of reasons (some a lot deeper and more profound than others) so I just thought I would fill you in with what's been happening over the past couple of months and why I took a *much needed* break from blogging...

L I F E 

Whilst this place is somewhere that I want to talk about more personal things including what's going on with me, my friends and family but we've hit the time of the year where things aren't so chipper. Christmas (how long ago doe that feel?) was lovely. I had a whole 10 days off from work and spent it catching up with my family - and Daisy dog, of course - and just general chilling and eating all day every day for that week and a half. Bliss. Coming back to London was tough for me and, in hindsight, I probably took too much time off work which made it even harder to leave 'home home' - all I'm saying is Blue January is very real, people.

W O R K 

Work is something that's actually going pretty well - I mean it has its ups and downs as with any job but all in all it's running smoothly. I still love love love the people I work with and they're probably the reason I haven't upped and left London already, oh and I got a promotion which is a nice little bonus to start the year with! I'm now one of the senior writers on the team which obviously looks super good on the ol' CV for when I want to move on with my career, whenever that may be.  


Nothing to see here.
Still single.

So, while my life doesn't seem all that hectic on paper it actually has been and trying to find the motivation to be jolly and write about fashion and beauty, which has seemed so insignificant - hence my break, has been tough. But, after spending the weekend at home and asking my lovely Mum (who's probably reading this after telling me I have to start blogging again, #1 fan) to take some outfit shots I am officially back on the blogging bandwagon. Contrary to this somewhat dreary post, I'm excited for what 2017 has in store for me, without going into too much detail it can't get any worse than it has already been just a month and seven days into it. I'm excited to blog about different things and try to kick myself into gear when it comes to attending events, seeing friends and getting out of the house to really see London

I can't wait to share it all with you!

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