The Pressure to Post

4 April 2017

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Even sat here (okay I'm lying in bed propping myself up with about five cushions), watching Made In Chelsea and eating a three-day old doughnut, I'm wondering whether I should even write this post. And, then wondering if I should even post it. There's always a little bit of fear when you set a new post live that you sound like a moaning little bitch, but also it's been a 'classic Monday' and I'm insanely tired from work and life in general. BUT, here I am mustering up some energy to type out a post all about the the annoying side to blogging and the pressure I - and no doubt a huge amount of other bloggers out there - feel when we've established a successful (little) corner of the Internet. 

So, let's start with the number one pressure point...

1. There's a million other bloggers out there doing the same thing. Aaaaand, you start believing they're doing it more successfully, know some have more time to do it and are a lot of them are coming up with ideas for content that you could just pinch yourself about, annoyed that you didn't think of it first. Even just flicking through social media you see someone do something completely original (no easy feat if you make it to number three) and you think 'hot damn, I should have thought of that first, what a failure I must be'...*eats another three-day old doughnut*

2. People can be bitches. Yup, I went there and said it. Whilst the majority of the blogging community (and people in general) are lovely, supportive and all about the praise for what you do, there are some actual meanies out there too. 'You're a mean girl, you're a bitch' The comments I receive are 99.99995% great and oh-so complimentary - enough gushing now Sam - but there's always the odd person or account, because some people hide behind fake identities (wut?), that wants to call you out on one little thing they don't necessarily agree with. There's a big pressure on people who influence others with their various online accounts when people can so easily be negative about what should be something fun and creative.

3. Being original is bloody hard! Hey, you made it to number three and it's kinda a big 'un for me, actually. Researching, brain storming and just generally trying to think out of the blogging box is exhausting and when you finally think you've got something different you Google it and *BAM* there it is right in front of you already embedded on the worldwide web for all to see. Jeez. While there is an annoying want and need to think of something different to write about, it's not always necessary for content to be completely original. Instead, I now try not to think what people would like to read (I mean, sometimes I kinda think about that) but it's more about what subjects I can write well and what I actually enjoy writing about. There's an ASOS haul coming soon, just saying...

4. The need for the next 'trending product' is super hard to ignore. Instagram is both my favourite social media channel and my most annoying. It's obviously my fault as I follow some seriously amazing bloggers, influencers and brands so my feed is completely jam-packed with clothes, accessories, beauty products and even homeware to entice me to buy, buy, buy! But the need to have the next big thing is huge in the blogging world with the majority of big-name influencers using Instagram and other social media channels to promote brands (#ad) and make you want their products. But, I have got better at ignoring the need to have the next big thing - didn't buy that 'Femme Forever' T-shirt from Topshop did I? Woo, go me!

Aaaaaaand lastly...

5. Just having the damn time to post...and schedule! I work 9-6 everyday in quite a creative environment so the last thing I'm dreaming of doing when I get home is write out a 500 word+ blog post. And then if writing the post wasn't enough I then have to schedule and promote it on not just one, not two but three different social media channels - first world problems, I know but it's a bit of a bugger. But, after hitting a bit of a block recently with a variety of things going on offline I feel like I'm finally getting my groove back and have started taking some good images - if I do say so myself - ready for uploading over the next month or so. Plus, I'm going home at Easter so can get Mumma Merritt (and maybe even Brother Merritt) on the outfit-taking hype once again...please?!

And that's a wrap. If you've made it all the way to this sentence then bravo, you're a bigger person than I am and I'm so grateful you've found my huge rambling something you actually want to read and maybe even enjoyed...? If you have any pressure points with your blogging life then let me know in the comments below.


  1. I too hate the fact that Instagram has kind of turned into an advert social media platform. What happened to what blogging used to be all about, sharing about the things you love the most, whether that be what you wear, where you've been for a day out etc. I miss what it used to be about! Brilliant post and I really enjoyed reading it!

    Isobel x

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  2. AHAHAHAHA babe I made until the end and i laugh with your article, because i know from what you passing and suffering... you are not alone in this world...

    great pot babe...

    lots of kisses

  3. Ahhh we all have things we don't like about blogging and I think we're all entitled to moan about them. After all, not everything is perfect, so even if you love something that doesn't mean you're blind to its flaws. I agree with pretty much all of these. Ever since I started working night shift full time it's been hard to keep on top of things - I think the only reason I have is because I've had two week-long holidays so far! I also agree about how hard it is to come up with original ideas and it's hard to not compare yourself to other bloggers who got there 'first'! xx

  4. This post really resonates with me. I've only been blogging for a year but loved every minute of it, it's totally swept me off my feet! Working a full time job and writing a blog, attending events and editing pictures is hard work. I wouldn't change it for the world but think I need to take a bit of a step back and spend good quality time with loved one - so can totally relate to your woes.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jaz xoxo

  5. So true and it's so hard when you write for a living as well to continue in your own personal. Inspiring me to up my game a bit now! Well done for the 3 year celebrations! :) xx


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