Living in London: Is it Worth It?

17 May 2017

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Making the big move from sleepy Somerset to bustling London was always going to be a big deal for me, and not an easy decision to make either. Moving away from my comfort zone and entire family who have never lived anywhere but Somerset was tough, but I've now been in London for just over a year and think I can share with you all the highs and low/ ups and downs/ pros and cons of living in 'our fair city'...

You feel like you HAVE to be doing something at the weekend...when, in actual fact you just want to sleep for, like, a really long time. Why are people in London so tired? Because everyone's working ridiculous hours, with a commute on top of that (I mean, I walk to work but still) and then afterwards we all try to cram in as much as possible into those few hours we have of an evening. By that I mean catch up on Hollyoaks and have a glass or two of wine, of course.

You wonder where all your money went. But really, you know exactly where it's magically disappeared to: the Friday night after work drinks, the ASOS order you placed yesterday for the Friday night drinks and the crazy expensive flowers you bought from Columbia Flower Market at the weekend because it's fancy and just 'classic London'.

All your friends are buying houses but you're just there paying out an obscene amount a month for a room in a house share with complete strangers. Isn't that crazy? You're living with strangers! I lucked out this time but in my previous house I wasn't so happy and that can play a part in you wondering if you want to actually live anywhere that isn't your home home.

The news absolutely terrifies you because on almost a daily basis you're forced to hear about another stabbing in YOUR area or another acid attack (that seems to be a huge thing in North London at the moment, which is pretty terrifying). Plus, obviously your family don't know EXACTLY where you live in conjunction to various terrorist attacks and bomb findings so you have to deal with the calls and reassure them as much as you can when living miles away.

But, London ain't all bad is it?

No, there's good points too - I promise!

It's really friggin' pretty and in all honesty my Instagram has never looked better (how sad). With so many things to see and do you'll definitely never be bored in London. I mean, it sounds like such a cliche to say 'there's so much to do in London' and it seems to be pretty bloody obvious but I've been here for 13 months now and my to do list is ever increasing.

There's always something going on and more often than not it's on the cheap. Whilst London is astronomically expensive when it comes to rent every month it does offer a lot of either inexpensive or free things for you to do. I tend to pick up a Time Out on a Tuesday to see what there is going on that week and their website is pretty great too.

You branch out and discover new things. When you're NOT trying to save money that week before payday you start doing things that you wouldn't have done in 'sleepy old Somerset'. Before you would have never thought about going to a terrarium workshop or crochet class but now? Well, now you're all about that crafty life.

And lastly...?

It's bloody London! Where else would you want to poor but inspired?!

fbloggers, london, londonbloggers, femmeforevertopshoptop, livinginlondon, londonliving, islondonworthit


  1. I honestly love London but I can't stand staying there for more than a weekend as of how different it is down there compared to where I live. It's wayyy too busy for me!

    Isobel x

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    1. Sometimes I'm the same, but I love that there's so much going on all the time!


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