Why I (kinda) went on a spending ban...again

27 June 2017

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So it got to that point (once again) in the year where I had that sudden realisation that I'd spent far too much already on clothes, shoes, bags etc - with not a lot to show for it. With this, I decided to go on another spending ban (take a look at my previous ban I wrote about a year ago here) and challenged myself to go a whole month without spending a single penny frivolously. In my last ban I kept a diary but I decided this time I would explain more about why I went on a spending ban, whether it made a difference to my savings and if I even missed having mountains of new clothes every month...

Why did I go on a spending ban?
I've always loved clothes (as you guys already know) and I noticed the people around me start to become more and more aware of just how much I must spend on clothes and how much time I spend having a look online - I spend my morning before starting work browsing ASOS' new in section, that's just not normal...is it? That was one of the main reasons I decided to go on a ban - to prove to people (who also spend a good amount per month on clothes) and myself that it's not such a big deal and I can and will do it - all the way down to day 30! 

Another reason was that I have been living in London for over a year and don't have a huge amount (of money) to show for it. Whilst I don't get paid all that well I couldn't really work out why I wasn't saving any money...until I took a look at the past few months' worth of bank statements. This is actually something I suggest everyone do as you really do get an inkling as to where you spend your money most, even what day and week you seem to be spending the most. Mine tended to be over the weekend (no big surprise there) and also Friday night, when I swapped buying clothes for buying booze. The classic 'after work drinks' had been killing my savings slowly but surely and so I decided to cut going out every Friday, instead spending time in with a cheaper alternative (a bottle of vino) and my housemate...normally watching old TOTP reruns (don't judge until you do it).

What was the biggest struggle for me?
My biggest struggle was first and foremost social media, particularly Instagram where, whilst I love following and supporting lots of lovely bloggers babes, I also become engrossed in what they're buying, wearing and posting. Do you know how hard it was for me to not buy a basket bag this month??? They're blooming everywhere right now! Instagram is my favourite online platform and even though it is tough when you see someone wearing something and YOU WANT IT INSTANTLY BUT CAN'T HAVE IT, it does feel good saying no and rooting around in your wardrobe finding something to re-wear that you haven't worn in ages.

Did I ever 'relapse'?
Relapse probably isn't the right word to use here as I really don't think I have an addiction to buying new clothes...really. Nevertheless, did I ever cave in and buy something? And the answer is yes, yes I did. I bought a £25 blouse from ASOS as I knew it would definitely sell out super quickly, as everything does on ASOS, and I didn't feel bad about it at all. I bought this top in week three of my little spending ban so had already saved quite a bit of money to allow myself a cheap(ish) treat and I think it actually helped me to go through the fourth week without a hitch!

What was the all-important outcome?
I've noticed my bank balance seems to be a lot healthier and I do actually have some leftover from my payday, which is always a win, isn't it? I've also planned when I should do a 'big food shop' to make my money last even longer and I'm not eating beans on toast the week before the next payday. As for clothes, I still haven't bought anything apart from that blouse in another colour - because when you buy something you absolutely love you buy it in multiple colours, don't you? If you're thinking of doing a spending ban yourself, I would definitely recommend it and if you have any questions that I haven't covered leave me a comment below!

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  1. OMG i always go on spending bans but it never lasts for longer then two months

    Beauty Candy Loves


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