Being on a (unintentional) blogging hiatus

18 March 2018 London, UK

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I feel like these kind of posts are becoming more and more frequent nowadays here on my blog, but finger's crossed this will be the last one for a long old while. I haven't posted since December and that was a post in collaboration with a brand, so really I haven't posted something that is just from me, myself and I since October. Crikey! Christmas and New Year have now well and truly passed us by  (dunno if you've noticed that) and I feel like I've only just started to adjust myself into this year and the changes 2017 brought, I think I finally feel ready to get back into the swing of things blog-wise. A lot happened last year, some good, some bad and some just darn right ugly - but I'll try and keep things brief and not too rambly...

So what have you missed?

The truth is, not a lot, but I'll fill you in on things that are actually note-worthy (IMO).

So let's start with January, I spent New Year's Eve with my friend Verity pub hopping our way through North London before finally coming back to our humble abode just in time for Harry Potter and then Jool's Holland. Wild, we know, but it was perfect for me. I'm now at that time in my life where I'd rather get up early and get the day properly started - I know, who am I? - and, most of the time, get myself to sleep before 11pm (alright, 10pm). Some might think that's dull but hey that's what's working for me at the moment and I'm enjoying it.

Something else not so fun happened in January as well, one of my best friends left work and moved on to pastures new (without me?! RUDE, I know) and, I'm not going to lie to ya kids, that hit me pretty hard. Every day we would email, spend lunch together taking a short little walk through Highbury Fields chatting about v v important things like how much he hated Erica from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and then still found things to WhatsApp each other about in the evening. However, we obviously still chat most days, if not everyday actually...


He wore a two-piece sequin number on his last day and I'll always love him for that ❤️

And, in a flash, January was over.

In February, one of my fave months 'cos it's seems so much shorter ergo payday comes round quicker, I visited my best friend Larissa in Wimbledon (her boyfriend recently got given his three year all clear so shout out to them for being absolute babes through probably one of the toughest times in their lives). We headed to Brew Cafe and ... three hours, two big brunches and a hunk of chocolate cake later ... we'd concluded our much-needed catch up. I also went out out with three absolute babes - Leah (my friend from a previous job and utter babe who's just moved 15 minutes away from me - YAY), Verity (housemate and bestie) and Lucy (another of Verity's besties and all round fab gal) which is worth a mention as, like I've previously stated, I'm normally in bed at 9pm so night's out don't happen all that frequently...

It was a classic gal's night out that started with pre drinks that went on longer than expected, dancing the night away on a light up disco dance floor and ended with Leah falling arse-over-tit because she was wearing the most ridiculous, but fabulous, boots you've ever seen. Love her for that!

And so now here we are, midway through March and I'm currently doing that thing again where I try and cut down on my spending (lol, I just spent £12 on clothes I didn't need at a vintage fair) and basically I'm trying to plan my life out a little more. Having said that, I just recently did the Myers Briggs test (where you're asked a series of questions and then get popped into a particular category) at work and after finding out I'm an ISTJ (<< link there so go check it out if you want to see what the letters mean) I've realised I need to add a bit of spontaneity into my life. 


March is also a great month because we get a bloody bank holiday and it's much needed, even though I went home last week for Mother's Day I already need another long weekend STAT! I'm planning to repaint my rented room a classic blogger white and see Leah so we can try and sort out said exciting plan and eat/ drink/ play our way through London. As well as that in April my little brother is coming up (or across..?) from Somerset to stay for a few days - we're headed off to see Harry Styles at the O2, living out the Hogwarts dream at Harry Potter Studio Tour and seeing The Vaccines - so just a few things then that'll help me not spend money...jokes, where are my savings going?!

So that's where we're at guys, if you've got all the way down to this sentence then bravo! 

I hope this wasn't too much of a long and dreary post...I promise the next one will be a real good'un...I currently have another nine posts ready and waiting to go live so watch this space and, as always, thanks for sticking with this gal!

fbloggers, fblogger, fashionblog, fashionpost, wiw, springoutfitpost, beingonabloggingbreak, blogginghiatus, backtoblogging
fbloggers, fblogger, fashionblog, fashionpost, wiw, springoutfitpost, beingonabloggingbreak, blogginghiatus, backtoblogging


  1. Good to have you back gal!! 😊 X

  2. Good to have you back lovely. Where’s your shirt from. It’s gorgeous. X


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