5 Great Boozy Brunches in London

2 February 2020

I don't know about you but I like nothing more than spending a Saturday with my favourite people eating and drinking to my heart's content. The, now more common, bottomless brunch not only does what it says on the tin and offers you bottomless amounts of alcohol (and sometimes food!) but it can also work out so much cheaper, especially in this expensive ol' City of London. It's only the second day of February but I've already been on two bottomless brunches this year (neither of which made the cut to be on this post, soz) and I'm already gearing up for my third of the year next week!

But, if the world of bottomless brunching scares the bejesus out of you (there are now more bottomless brunches in London than coffee shops*) but you're the one that's been left to plan it (know them feels, lads) then take a look at my top 5 London brunches that'll ensure you have a boozy daytime sesh but that you're in bed by 8pm feeling fresh as a daisy the next day...


I had my first bottomless brunch way back in 2016 at Clerkenwell Grind and it didn't disappoint! My friend Leah and I decided the best way to have a catch up after not seeing each other for 2 years was to shot prosecco and eat very little. Since then I've been back a couple of times and, whilst the staff can sometimes seem to be a little overrun and the food comes out only so-so, they are very very good at top ups. 

How long? 90 minutes of bottomless prosecco and bloody Mary's (food is charged on top)


Like Grind, I've been to Duo London a couple of times for their bottomless brunch and it's been so much fun both times! Number one, the aesthetic is enough to make any millennial girl go weak at the knees and two you get all your food and drink included in your ticket and three? Once everyone's had a sufficient amount of alcohol added to their system then they do lip sync battle. What more could you want?!

How long? 2 hours of bottomless prosecco and pancakes (with a variety of toppings)


It's not often I head to the wild wild west of London, but, I'll go anywhere to try a new bottomless brunch (all in the name of testing it for you guys, of course)! Kingshead & Courtyard is nestled in the heart of Fulham and, from the outside, doesn't actually look like much. But, head on in and you're hit with Stranger Things decor and a huge outdoor courtyard (I guess the clue is in the name there) and a delicious mexican brunch is waiting for you! 

How long? 2 hours of aperol spritz, prosecco, wine, beer, bloody mary's or non-alcoholic cocktails with 3 courses of Mexican food


Martello Hall in Hackney was where I decided to spend my first day as a 29 year old in July last year. It's, hands down, my favourite brunch I've ever done and that's mainly because everything was just kind of...great - the staff were amazing at filling up our glasses, were quick to help when something happened with our food (and gave us a free dessert to apologise) and the general atmosphere with fellow random bottomless brunchers was just so so good. If you're only going to do one bottomless brunch in your life (why?) then make it this one! Food-wise, I recommend the chilli hash browns!

How long? 2 hours of bottomless serata rum punch (it comes out in a sharing bowl, lethal!), frizzante and mimosa's (food is charged on top)


Another brunch that's got an amazing aesthetic is the bottomless brunch at Wringer & Mangle near London fields. Filled with gorgeous greenery it's great for both small groups and large groups for birthdays/ general celebrations. I went with a couple of friends and the staff were really good at topping up, plus they knew exactly when you started your brunch as they give you a wristband once you're seated and ready to rock and roll - such a good idea and saves a lot of arguments!

How long? 90 minutes of bottomless prosecco, beer and cocktails (food is charged on top)

*not a fact

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