A Dog-Friendly Morning at Lyme Regis

18 February 2021 Lyme Regis, UK

Lyme Regis Dorset beach huts girl yorkshire terrier
dog on a beach lyme regis dorsetI feel like at the moment (and for the past 11 months), it's been all about taking a bit of pleasure in the little things and slowing down from the every day hustle and bustle and the 9-5 (or 8.30-5.30 in my case). Whilst I've worked throughout the whole of lockdown (both fortunate and sometimes unfortunate for me), I've still wanted to make the most of my weekends back home with my family. I spent the majority of last year - from March until August - back in Somerset and even though there was the odd argument here and there between mum and myself, really it was nice to get away from London for a bit - we won't mention the rent I still had to pay on my flat...

When the second lockdown hit and then the third, I decided to come back home as London was wreaking havoc on my mental health and also it's just so much nicer to be able to actually get out. In the city all I had to entertain me was a little flat (there's only so much cleaning you can do) and my hour of exercise a day, back home it felt, well it felt like I wasn't in a lockdown.

One of our favourite places to go as a little family is Lyme Regis, a little seaside town in West Dorset. Usually filled with tourists, it was actually really nice to be there when it was quieter and also be surrounded by ALL THE LITTLE DOGGIES! It was a cold but sunshine-fuelled winter day so we decided to take a little walk along the coast and then grabbed a delicious hot chocolate when we were beginning to feel the coast breeze and little too much. When things head back to normal, Lyme Regis is great for seaside shopping (the gin shops are overwhelmingly stocked but amazing) and, of course has a host of eateries to take your pick from - can you really go wrong with fish & chips though.

After wearing out little Daisy dog we headed back home and needed a power nap ourselves!
Lyme Regis Dorset beach huts girl yorkshire terrier
lyme regis beach dorset sandy beach
lyme regis beach west dorset

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