How to start a vinyl collection

27 October 2021

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I've loved vinyl for a while now and have been creating my own collection (albeit, quite a small collection as I'm renting and lacking in shelf space) that I want to continue adding to for years to come! My little vinyl horde comprises of a variety of different artists and genres. You can expect to find Haim, Harry Styles, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and the Dave Clark Five - my collection really shows how much I enjoy a range of music. I started to collect vinyl actually way before I bought my first record player and wanted to share with you guys the best way(s) I've found to get it to grow and how to find and grow your own collection.

First things first, before you do anything, write down a list of the records you really really want. I don't mean the latest record from Tay Tay, I'm talking about the old classics that you would kill to have in your collection. Taylor Swift is going to be easy for you to find online and through music stores, it's the classics you want to note down and try to thrift. I found the best way to do this is by going to charity and vintage shops as well as car boot sales. Car boots have actually been the place I've found some of my favourite records and often sellers will give you a deal if you want to buy in bulk rather than single records.

With buying in bulk though you run the risk of duplicates in your collection so I found that it became crucial to start a list in order for that to not happen. If I couldn't go to car boots then I would send my mum off to take a look and she would take the list with her as well. It's worth updating your list every time you get a record (whether it's one or 30 that you buy at once) as I can bet anything you'll forget about it after a while.

Another way I got my hand on some of my older records is by raiding the grandparents' collection. My Nan and Grandad absolutely loved 60s rock and pop music (as well as a little bit of Country) so some of my most-prized vinyl is from them and hold more of a personal aspect than me actually playing them a lot.

Newer records I always look to Amazon for or directly from the artists' website. However, it's always worth trying eBay and Facebook Marketplace as you never know what those sites are going to throw up - one person's junk is another person's treasure, after all!

how to start a vinyl collection

How to start a vinyl collection record player


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